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About Dr. Nishaun T. Battle:

Dr. Battle's comprehensive, culturally relevant platform helps women in academia, and leadership roles, elevate and normalize wellness in their lives, in order to build wealth, increase empowerment, and to take charge of their wellness, for a fulfilling life in consideration of their unique life and work responsibilities. 

Dr. Battle received her doctorate in Sociology from Howard University. She is also a Professor, Author, Fitness Enthusiast, and Podcast Host. 

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What customers are saying...

“Dr. Battle helped me take my love for fitness to the next level. I was able to cultivate a cohesive VIP community that has increased by monthly revenue.”

Monique W.

“While I enjoyed my journey on starting my small business, I found myself feeling a little out of control with my eating habits and more. I'm now living like a celebrity within my means and I have more time for my family as well.”

Shayla R.

"I am also an educator and thought I was alone in wanting to expand my talents. Dr. Battle helped me to clarify my niche and I'm happy that I will be beginning my consulting business next month!”

Michelle C.